Blackberry Kush (Afghani Mother x Blueberry)

Indica Dominant Hybrid
Cool Calm Collective 
Price: $45 per 1/8th

AROMA:  There is a very pungent sweet Blueberry scent to this with a that sour funky twist from the Afghani. It's a great smelling strain, and an excellent smelling Blackberry Kush cut. The only thing missing is that earthy kush scent that I'm used to, but it's replaced by an even sweeter Blueberry scent.

TASTE:  The earthiness missing from the aroma is very apparent in the flavor. The strain smokes extremely well, so there is plenty of flavor packed with each hit. The earthiness is accompanied by a very sour Afghani twist that is topped by the Blueberry's sweetness. I've had plenty of cuts of this strain, and this is definitely an excellent tasting one.

LOOK:  FROSTY... I know all Blackberry Kushes are frosty, but this stands out more than others. The trichome stalks are extremely long, and a lot of them are visible to the naked eye (along with their caps!). Dense nugs with great structure, the density actually hides the purple extremely well. Once a nug is broken open purple streaks are visible throughout the least ones that aren't completely covered in trichomes. The purple is also extremely vibrant, and is not apparent anywhere on the stems.

EFFECTS:  The effects of this Blackberry were surprisingly heavy on the indica, considering how fruity and sweet the aroma is. It is a heavy indica... Generally Blackberry Kush is around an 80/20 indica dom, but this feels like it might even be higher. It put me into an extremely relaxed state almost into a lethargic state. There isn't much of a "stoney" head high, but what it lacks there it makes up for the body high. I waited until nighttime to medicate on this strain, and I'm glad I did. Good for pain relief, relaxation, and sleep aid. Great nighttime strain.

This is a great Blackberry Kush cut coming out of CCC. Don't let the 17.8% test result fool you. In my personal opinion, it is a lot more potent than that. Who could just be my cannabinoid receptors that just love the strain, but have I given a bad recommendation yet? Either way, if you're a fan of Blackberry Kush, or indicas in general, check out CCC's cut and try it yourself. I do have to point out that it would have been given an A if it was at a lower donation though.












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