Bubbly Kief (Hillybilly)

Cool Calm Collective
Price: $25 per gram

AROMA:  It is hard to explain the exact smell of kief, so I'm not even going to try. I will say that the kief smells extremely fresh, and not dusty at all. 

TASTE:  I tested this Bubbly Kief on three different OG strains from three different collectives, all of which were top quality, to try and give it a fair shot. The taste is also hard to explain...the best I can come up with is that it makes it taste more potent, but not in a hash way. It definitely isn't bad kief...because I've tasted plenty of that before.

LOOK:  The picture tells the story... Extremely blonde with no visible, to the naked eye, plant matter. The macro photos shows tiny specks of green, but nothing to fuss over. The biggest thing the macro photo shows are the caps on the trichs. I rarely see this with kief, even with the kief I collect myself, so this is amazing to see.

EFFECTS:  The kief is ridiculously strong, and well worth the $25 a gram donation. The kief intensified the high by at least double every. single. time. I'm not the biggest fan of kief, since most of it out there is not good, so I can honestly say this is the best kief I've ever had from a collective. 

I never thought I'd ever endorse kief at $25/g, but it is what it is. This really is one of the strongest kiefs I've ever had, and it's actually stronger than some hashes I've smoked. The donation is definitely high, but I personally believe it's worth it. It doesn't even take much to enhance your flowers, so a gram will go a long way. (I will say that I've only bought kief a handful of times since I essentially "make" my own, and they were never for more than $15/g). 












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