Electric Lady (Maui Wowie x Memphis Belle)

Golden State Patients Association
Price: $45 per 1/8th

AROMA:  Earthy pine scent with an interesting spice twist, it is a very unique smell.  The fruitiness from the Memphis Belle is very subtle, but still there.  It's a very interesting combination of fruit, pine, and spice.  Definitely something I wasn't expecting.

TASTE:  The initial flavor of the smoke is extremely heavy on the earthy pine, and almost overpowers everything else.  The fruity/spicy twist is only really apparent on the aftertaste and in the sinuses.  Definitely a unique flavor...cross between an old school classic and a new school powerhouse.

LOOK:  This is a very attractive strain with great nug structure.  Light green nugs that are well manicured, everything is absolutely caked in capped trichomes.  A great deal of the trichs are opaque, which accent the light orange hairs.

EFFECTS:  This has a gradual sativa onset that is very calming effect.  Light pressure on the eyes that put me in an almost trance-like state of relaxation, the high leveled out at a nice level.  It definitely didn't get to intense, but stretched out into an elongated medicated state.  It seems to be a good strain for anxiety, and is definitely a good strain for stress relief.  Great daytime to midday strain.

Like I said before, this is a combination of an old school classic and a new school powerhouse.  Great genetics behind this strain grown to almost perfection... There was an issue with one of my nugs, which brought down the grade a tiny bit.


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