Gem Shatter (Skywalker & C3 OG)

Flowers from Cool Calm Collective 
Price: N/A

This was made privately with 2 top shelf 8ths from a van nuys collective, Cool Calm Collective, which under new management. The two strains were Skywalker and C3 OG. Method was standard low and slow with no agitation. Stainless teel tube, vector, etc.

We had a great return of 1.7g out from 7.2 g's in. But keep in mind these are top shelf, frosty nugs...not trim, sugar leaf, or even popcorn buds

The scent is all still there and is a mix of the 2 flowers which made for a funky, fuely dank stink that translated to the flavor. 

The effects are immediate and heavy. Instant head change upon inhaling with a wave of relaxation that follows and envelops your whole being. Strong medicine!!!

The color is a rich amber with a glow. I call this type of erl Gem Quality as it really does look like sparkling gem. Consistency is very hard, maybe even a bit too hard to work with without using a little heat to soften up a dab.  I, however, always prefer safe than sorry when making oil.