Red Vine (Unknown Genetics)

High Rollers Collective
Price: $40 per 1/8th 

Smell:  I'm not sure if the strain is named because of it, but this really does smell a bit like Red Vines.  It has a sweet smell like candy, so it's interesting that it's an indica.  It has a slight earthy undertone to it.

Taste:  There is a sweet taste to it, that's similar to the smell, and really is similar to Red Vines.  It stings the sinuses a decent amount, and leaves a sweet aftertaste both on the tongue and in the nostrils. 

Look:  Light green nugs surrounded by dark green leaves, there are a lot of capped trichomes.  The majority of the caps are opaque, and relatively large.  It looks as though it was packed a little too tight during shipment, but it's not a huge deal.  It's a frosty looking strain that could of have a better manicure.

Effects:  It hit quickly at the back of the eyes and settled on the body with a nice couch lock effect.  It's not too intense, and gets pretty mellow as it evens out.  It's a pleasant high, not too strong, and definitely not too weak.  Midday to nighttime strain.


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