Supreme OG (Unknown Genetics)

Canna Grove
Price: $40 per 1/8th

AROMA:  There's an earthy lemon scent to this strain, though it isn't the most pungent there is. The smell doesn't become apparent until you grind up some nugs, but when you do it has a sweet undertone to it. 

TASTE:  The smoke has decent thickness to it with a earthy lemon diesel fuel flavor. The sweet undertone becomes more apparent in the flavor. There's pretty good lung expansion and throat contraction, and a great burn in the nostrils. It tastes much better than the smell indicates.

LOOK:  Light green nugs, with slightly darker shaded leaves, the hairs are almost a deep bronze color. The nugs are dense with popcorn structure that have pockets of nicely shaped trichomes. It has more of a compact look than I like, but it's still good looking strain. The manicure job was also done tight to the nugs, which adds to the look.

EFFECTS:  It's labeled as an indica, but I feel more of a heavily indica dominant hybrid. There is a slight cerebral kick to it that puts a nice encompassing pressure around the eyes. It also has an interesting euphoric kick to it that put me in a good mood. The indica effects put the body into a very relaxed state, and relaxes the muscles. Great midday to nighttime strain.

The Supreme OG came recommended, and I'm happy with the recommendation. Again, not the best meds out there, but you can't beat the compassionate prices at Canna Grove ($40 1/8ths & $75 1/4's). This is a good cut of OG, just like the Hulk OG was. I can say in all honesty that I enjoy medicating with Canna Groves meds, even though they might not be on the A+ scale. If the meds get a review that means we think they deserve a spotlight!












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