GDP (Granddaddy Purple)

Cool Calm Collective
Price: $50 per 1/8th

AROMA:  This GDP has a balanced aroma between pine and grape juice with sweet undertones. It has a very classic GDP smell to it, heavy on the "purp" essence, with a slightly tangy sweet twist. The pine scent is only apparent directly from the nug, and disappears once it is ground up. Interestingly enough the smell of the GDP stayed in my grinder long after it had been smoked. Great smelling GDP coming out of CCC.

TASTE:  The flavor of this strain screams GDP all the way from start to finish. The pine becomes much more apparent in the flavor, especially in the aftertaste and in the sinuses. The sweet grape essence takes a back seat to the earthy pine, but it is still noticeable. The aftertaste is actually quite pleasant and long lasting, which is a nice touch.

LOOK:  This batch of GDP is one of the best looking I've seen, with its classic deep purple streaks in the leaves and calyxes. The orange hairs are almost camouflaged by the abundance of trichomes, many of which have amber caps, giving it a darker tint. The leaves are a bit long, but still caked in amber capped trichomes. It isn't nothing to complain about, but something that is noticeable. Great looking GDP though, and better than a lot of the others out there right now.

EFFECTS:  I decided to medicate with this GDP to deal with my back pain, and I am glad I did. The heavy indica effects take a little bit to kick in, but once they do they immediately cause a relaxation sensation to a point of making me want to lie down. After a couple of bowls my back pain was gone, and I let out a full body yawn/stretch that made me crumple in my chair in sheer bliss. Great medicinal qualities to this strain, and one that does well for pain relief, sleep aid, and appetite gain. Great nighttime strain.

GDP, Granddaddy Purple, comes from one of California's purple phenos that have been growing in Northern California for more than 20 years. It has been a staple strain in CA for quite some time, and popular among pain patients. This particular batch has great medicinal qualities, and should be checked out trying to manage pain.












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