Grape Jelly (DNA Genetics)

Indica Dominant Hybrid
Golden State Patients Association 
Price: $45 per 1/8th

AROMA:  The scent of this strain smells like Welch's Grape Juice accompanied by a hint of piney skunk. From the nugs themselves the smell is not that pungent, but once nugs are ground up it becomes much more so. The sweet grape scent becomes stronger, but so does the pine and skunk. The balance between the scents is almost perfect, giving it a very pleasant aroma. It's a great smelling strain that is unique to the its original DNA genetics line.

TASTE:  The flavor is much like the smell, hitting the taste buds with a sweet sensation at first. It is then followed by a pine skunk mixture that lingers in the aftertaste and burns the sinuses slightly. The pine skunk has a much more earthy twist to it than the aroma suggests, which makes the aftertaste rather hefty. It also has a hash-like essence that is reminiscent of an Afghani or Hindu. The taste of the strain is as unique as the smell.

LOOK:  The previous batch of Grape Jelly was much more dense, had fatter nugs, and more vibrant purple in the calyxes. However, this batch of Grape Jelly has amazing trichome structure, and looks like a purple version of the Queen Elizabeth OG (one of our top favorite looking strains/favorite picture of ours). The dark green nugs and vibrant orange hairs are complimented by purple streaks in the calyxes and leaves. There isn't much to complain about the look of this strain aside from a couple of stray leaves, which are barely noticeable. Great looking batch of Grape Jelly coming out of GSPA.

EFFECTS:  The sativa effects kick in gradually at first, hitting straight to the back of the eyes, and slowly spreading to the rest of the head and neck. After a few minutes the indica effects kick in, relaxing the body, and relieving sore/tense muscles and pain. The high is extremely well balanced; leaving one feeling carefree and euphoric, while being completely relaxed. Great for pain relief, stress relief, anxiety, and appetite gain. Great midday to nighttime strain.

Normally, we do not review strains that have already been done, but the differences between the batches were enough to warrant a re-review. This batch of Grape Jelly was phenomenal, and had signature GSPA characteristics to the nugs. Great to see outstanding strains returning to their shelves. (A little birdie told us that the Punta Roja will be back in four months!!!)












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