PULSE Glass: Barrel Stemline to Disc

Product photos provided by Pulse Glass:

Barrel Stemline to Disc
 Water Pipe
Pulse Glass
Price: $700 average

SPECIFICATIONS (From Pulse Glass):

Height: 16 Inches
Base Diameter: 5.5 Inches
Thickness: 5mm
Slide Joint: 18mm Female
Slide: 18mm Male 4 Ice Pinch
Clear Slided Included
Tube Diameter: 75mm, 38mm
Platinum Labeled: Tube and Slide

STRUCTURE:  The 5mm (and 7mm at certain points) thick glass gives this piece a solid feel, with a decent amount of weight to it. As it was with the Double Showerhead Inline, this Barrel Stemline is extremely well weighted with it focused at the base. It is extremely sturdy which makes tipping it over drastically difficult (has to be, literally, knocked over). Its 16" height gives it a less intimidating look as the 23" Double Showerhead Inline, so it definitely takes a closer look to see the 250 holes in both the slide, honeycomb disc, and ice pinch. The fact that it is shorter, and sturdier, cleaning this piece does not seem like it would be an issue. As with all Pulse pieces, the platinum label in the the slide and the piece itself give it a classic look.

FUNCTIONALITY:  The Barrel Stemline has much more pull than the Double Showhead Inline, but it is far from difficult to inhale through. The abundance of percolator holes seems to be the cause for the extra pull, and the honeycomb disc itself gives it a unique sensation that is unique to the design. It breaks down the smoke into an acutely smooth hit. The amount of diffusion there is with this piece not only keeps the smoke smooth (no matter how thick), but also saves the flavor of flower smoked out of it. It was tested multiple times with the goal of finding something wrong with it in mind, but to no avail. 

The Barrel Stemline is the second Pulse piece we've reviewed, and is Pulse's absolute top of the line item. If we personally had to choose between the two, we'd definitely go with this one. The amount of diffusion, the sturdy construction, and reasonable size make it a better fit for us. It's not that the Inline has an unreasonable size, but there are some days we just don't want to hit (or clean) a 2 footer. All in all the Barrel Stemline is definitely an incredible piece, and is no surprise that it is the top of Pulse Glass's product line.