Purple Urkle (Humboldt Pheno)

Loompa Farms
Ricochet Gallery Collective
Price: $50 per 1/8th

AROMA:  The scent of this Purple Urkle is one of the deepest and sweetest smelling classic "purp" sensations I've ever encountered. It reminds me of Grape Kool-Aid or Grape Pixie Stix with a skunk-like undertone. It also has a very subtle dark chocolate like scent to it that is only noticeable when you take a deep inhale. The scent is extremely pungent from the nug as it is, but after nugs are ground up the scent becomes phenomenally pungent. GREAT smelling Purple Urkle, and one of the better batches I've smelled by far.

TASTE:  Grape Kool-Aid. The flavor is almost identical to Grape Kool-Aid, as the sweet grape sensation hits the taste buds almost immediately after smoke hits the tongue with a slightly earthiness to it. The creamy smoke also gives it full flavor, and the dense nugs only add to its thickness. There is also a sweet aftertaste both on the tongue and in the sinuses, with the smoke burning the nostrils upon exhale. The flavor, like the scent, is absolutely fantastic, and definitely one of the better Purple Urkles I've had.

LOOKThe look of this strain from afar, in all honesty does not look too appealing as it's ludicrous amount of amber trichomes (with extremely bulbous caps) give it a flat look. The dark green nugs are accompanied by bright orange hairs that only add to the flattening look of the trichomes. The purple streaks in the leaves and calyxes also add to the flattened look. DO NOT mistake the amber tint for a bad thing, as the trichome structure is near perfect. A large majority of the trichome caps are opaque and amber, indicating a near perfectly timed pull. Great looking Purple Urkle strain from Loompa Farms.

EFFECTSP-O-T-E-N-T. Plain and simple, this Purple Urkle, from Looma Farms, is one of heaviest indicas we've reviewed on this site...period. There is a slight cerebral kick, but very little, to no, sativa effects. The general feel behind the eyes and head can only be described as a "buzz", which is similar to how the rest of the body feels. Good lung expansion causes chest clearing coughs which are followed by a warming sensation in the chest. Sore/tense muscles become almost instantly relaxed, while the high remains at a pleasant and constant level. The medicinal qualities to this strain are very high, because it provides great pain relief without any lethargy. Good for pain relief, stress relief, possibly anxiety, and sleep aid. Good nighttime strain.

Purple Urkle is a strain that we didn't bother to review, because of the general lack of quality to it these days. After being informed that this was grown by Loompa Farms there really was no question to whether or not it was good... It was a question of HOW good. The answer: Amazing. Medicinal qualities with a great "stoney" feel, it's the best of both worlds.












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