Triangle Kush OG (Mystery Genetics)

Loompa Farms
Ricochet Gallery Collective
Price: $55 per 1/8th

AROMA:  The aroma of this Triangle is a bit muted, but only from the nug. After nugs are ground up the scent becomes ridiculously pungent with a deep lemon diesel smell accompanied by a spicy essence. There is a very slight skunk undertone to the scent, but it is only apparent when you take an extremely deep inhale. It has a classic OG Kush scent with a unique twist, which I can't put my finger on (going to go ahead and attribute it to the Triangle out of Florida). The smell is what drew me to the strain in the first place though.

TASTE:  The initial blast of flavor is heavy on the spicy side, with the heavy lemon side kicking in with the aftertaste. The lemon flavor is so heavy that it almost makes the face scrunch up from the sheer sourness of it. There is definitely some moisture left in my nugs, so the flavor seems like it isn't hitting its full potential. (Nugs will be dried out a bit more to try and fix this issue). Regardless of that fact the flavor has an earthy pine sensation that was completely missing from the aroma. It was an interesting twist that was unexpected.

LOOK:  In all honesty the look of this Triangle Kush OG isn't that great, at least to the naked eye. The manicure job could have been done cleaner, which does not help it's initial appearance. However, if a Kindscope is used, the trichomes are absolutely amazing looking. As with the Miami White, almost every single one of the trichomes caps were completely cloudy, which, unfortunately with this strain, gives it a flat look. It is still a frosty strain, but because of the dark colored leaves and pale hairs it appears flat. This strain definitely needs a closer look.

EFFECTS:  Gradual onset indica effects that are acutely heavy, this is definitely a potent indica OG. It is listed on their menu as being perfect for painless sleep (just two bowls), and I could definitely see that being possible. The effects of this strain aren't the "stoniest", but there have high medicinal qualities. The pain in my back completely disappeared, and I mean completely, and my tense muscles became completely relaxed. The ever so light sativa kick puts pressure on the eyes, and has a slight cerebral side that levels off at a relaxing level. Good for stress relief, pain relief, anxiety (gradual onset), and sleep aid. Great nighttime strain.

This Triangle Kush OG comes out of Loompa Farms, which, in my opinion, is one of the top farms in Humboldt, CA. Their well grown amazing cuts are always extremely potent, and this Triangle Kush OG is one of their better known strains. The medicinal qualities in this strain are amazing, and one of the heavier indica OG's I've had in awhile. The price is a bit high, but the quality is definitely there.












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