Underdog OG (Loompa's Headband [OG Kush] - NOT 707)

Loompa Farms
Ricochet Gallery Collective
Price: $55 per 1/8th

AROMAThe scent of this Underdog OG is not the most pungent OG I've encountered, but it is one of the "cleanest" smelling. It is hard to explain, but the lemon diesel scent has an extremely aromatic side that smells very "natural". It is actually difficult NOT to continually smell the strain. It's reminiscent of a well-grown, well-cured OG Kush strain, so this is a fantastic smelling strain for an OG lover like me.

TASTE:  Knowing that this Underdog OG is soil grown only adds to its luster, as most well done soil grown, in my opinion, always taste better than hydro...always. The flavor is much like the aroma, with a strong lemon diesel sensation as soon as smoke hits the lips. There is also a subtle earthy pine undertone that becomes apparent in the aftertaste. There is decent lung expansion, which causes more than a few, non-painful, chest clearing coughs. The "clean" essence remains in the flavor, and long into the aftertaste. Great tasting OG strain from Loompa himself.

LOOK:  Tear drop shaped nugs with a lime green hue, the copper colored hairs seem to struggle to peak out of the plump calyxes. The trichomes are probably our favorite characteristic of the strain though, as the thick stalks are topped by swollen, opaque, and amber caps. The look for the majority of Loompa Farms' strains appear flat because of how amber the trichs are, but when it comes to trichomes: amber = gold. Truthfully it isn't the most attractive strain, that is until a closer look is taken. The most attractive aspect of the strain are the trichomes, so they definitely need a proper inspection.

EFFECTS:  I really don't know what to say about this strain without sounding like a broken record about Loompa Farms strains. This Underdog OG, one of Loompa Farms's flagship strains, is simply incredible... The sativa high results in a heavy sativa kick that puts an all encompassing pressure around the eyes that made colors more vibrant and sounds more crisp, which are characteristics of heavy sativas. Though it also became harder to focus without concentrating relatively hard. The eyelids also become heavy, and heavily glazed over. It's a nicely balanced hybrid though, because after two bowls (out of a Sheldon Black Bubbler nonetheless) the effects become a full body high. Arms, legs, and the chest tingle with widened blood vessels and a pleasant body high. The relative intense body and head high may not do well for anxiety, but does well for a pain relief, stress relief, relaxation, appetite gain, and sleep aid. A nighttime strain with great medicinal qualities.

Don't mistake the name Underdog for the "little guy" everyone roots for. It's named after Underdog the Superhero. There is no need to fear Orange County. Underdog is here! It is NOT the OG Kush x Sour Diesel (x2) 707 Headband cross, but the Chemdawg '91 x OG Kush ORIGINAL cross from Humboldt. 












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