California's Finest 130mg (Cookies & Cream)

Golden State Patients Association
Price: $8 per bar

TASTE:  The flavor of this Cookies & Cream bar is interesting, as the hash oil gives it an almost pepper-like flavor, with a fair amount of "cookies" balancing out the cream. The pepper essence gives the cream an unique twist, and is quite tasty. California's Finest bars truly are some of the best tasting chocolate bars out there with all their flavors (one of our personal favorites is the Peanut Butter Cup). The balance between the cream, cookies, and pepper-like flavors make a tasty combination.

EFFECTS:  The bar was eaten at 8:30 PM, and by 9:00 PM a tingling could be felt around the forehead and throughout the body. By 9:25 the full effects of the bar could be felt, with a relaxing body high and slight sativa kick. Considering the fact that this is 130mg, this is a potent edible that would do well for patients with lower tolerances. Anyone with higher tolerances should stick to the 200mg mini bar. All in all the effects are pleasant, not the strongest edible out there, but it does the trick. Good for pain relief, relaxation, appetite gain, and sleep aid (in larger doses). Good for anytime of day.

The glaring differences between California's Finest bars and other chocolate bars is the flavor of them. We've tried all of their flavors, and they were all quite delicious. This particular Cookies & Cream is no exception, and is quite easy to continue eating. (One of the reasons an entire bar was eaten). Great tasting hash oil (vegan dry sieve) chocolates over all of their flavors.








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