Chemdawg-4 (Indica Chemdawg Cut)

Loompa Farms
Ricochet Gallery Collective
Price: $50 per 1/8th

AROMA:  Pleasant stench of old man's feet, but not in a bad way... Anyone who knows what a good Chemdog cut knows what I'm talking about, as the skunky, slightly piney, aroma has a pungent undertone. In other words, the strain definitely smells like Chemdog. The smell doesn't hit in the sinuses unless a deep inhale is taken, but when one is the sinuses are filled with skunk, pine, and a hint of citrus lemon. It isn't the most pungent strain there is, but definitely a legitimate cut.

TASTE:  Interestingly enough the flavor is not much like the smell at all, as it is more of a lemon citrus combined with fresh coffee grounds. There is an earthy pine undertone to the flavor that becomes apparent in the aftertaste and in the sinuses. The burn in the nostrils actually clears the sinuses a bit, and is quite soothing. The flavor is interesting, not as lemon diesel as I thought it would be, but still has a great taste to it.

LOOK:  Tear drop nug structure with light green nugs, and peach colored hairs. The nugs themselves are absolutely caked in bulbous, amber trichomes. The bad thing about the number of amber trichs is the fact that it gives its frostiness almost a flat look. Regardless of the slightly flat look, it is an attractive strain that screams "potent". Under a magnifying glass the trich structure is especially attractive from the size of the caps to how opaque the amber is. Great looking strain.

EFFECTS:  Definitely a "creeper" as it took almost 10 minutes to fully kick in. I was actually disappointed at first, because there was little effect on me within those 10 minutes. However, when the effects hit, they hit heavy. This truly is a Chemdog-4 cut, as the heavy indica effects have a slight cerebral "buzz", and puts the body into an extremely relaxed state. There is a warmth at the back of the head and neck that relaxes them both, and tingling (in a good way) can be felt down the back. It doesn't have a couch-lock sensation, so this is a good daytime indica. Good for pain relief, stress relief, possibly anxiety (though, heads up, the high gets quite intense for a bit), and appetite gain. Great for anytime of the day.

Loompa Farms delivers a genuine cut of Chemdog-4, which is the only indica cut in the Chemdog family, and a potent one at that. It was a treat to try this cut, as it is rarely on menus at collectives these days, and even more rarely are they legitimate cuts. This cut, as far as we can tell, is legit Chemdog-4, and a well grown one at that. It wasn't as potent as expected, but still potent in itself. (Expectations may run a little too high for Loompa Farms, but even with them they haven't disappointed us yet).












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