Chemdog-D (Sister Pheno of Chemdog91)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Loompa Farms
Ricochet Gallery Collective
Price: $50 per 1/8th

AROMAThe aroma of this strain is an excellent balance between subtle hints of lemon, the distctint sour from the Diesel, and a piney undertone. It is not very pungent from the nugs themselves, but the aroma is released after nugs are ground up. The skunk essence is missing, even after nugs are ground up, and is replaced with a somewhat floral aromatic sensation. In all honesty the smell is a bit lacking compared to other Loompa strains, but still a pleasant smelling strain.

TASTEThe subtle hints of lemon from the scent become very apparent in the flavor as soon as the smoke hits the lips, but disappears in the aftertaste. In the aftertaste, the sour side is reminiscent of fresh squeezed lemonade, with an earthy oak-like undertone that lingers in the sinuses. There is also a soothing burn in the nostrils that slightly clears the sinuses. It is a genuinely great tasting strain that is unique from other Chemdog strains.

LOOK:  The look of this strain is leaves something to be desired, as the nugs I got were a bit compressed and flat. The calyxes are not as swollen as they are with other Chemdog strains, but they do have vibrant copper hairs shooting out of them. The trichomes give it subtly frosty appearance from some angles, and flat at others. The flat appearance comes from the abundance of amber trichomes, while the frosty comes from the clearer caps. All in all the strain still looks good, but definitely need a closer inspection.

EFFECTS:  This is the definition of a "creeper", as the effects took almost 10 minutes fully kick in. They also, literally, "crept" up on me, because I barely noticed as the high slowly became more and more intense. It changed from a subtle sativa kick to a full cerebral, euphoric, and calming heavy head high. The body high causes slight tingles in the arms and legs resulting in good pain relief, and a general all around calm sensation. The high does not have the same intensity as Chemdog, so it lasts longers...but is still not as long lasting as I would have liked. Either way, it is great for stress relief, possibly anxiety, relaxation, and pain relief. Good midday to nighttime strain. 

According to Loompa Farms this Chemdog D's phenotype is "sister to Chemdog91...found in the same exact bag seed that Chemdog was found". This means that this Chemdog-D is as old as the 91 strain, and is just as potent. It's lower intensity, but longer lasting high gives it an interesting twist that's different from other Chemdog strains.












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