OG Kush (Unconfirmed Genetics)

Golden State Patients Association
Price: $45 per 1/8th

AROMA:  Classic OG Kush scent with a heavy lemon diesel with an earthy pine undertone, it is a pungent cut of OG. The nugs themselves are relatively stinky, but when one is ground up the smell becomes a lot stronger. The best part of the smell is the earthy pine, as it reminds me of a well grown kush. It has all the classic aromatic signs of OG Kush, and ground up nugs are an amplified version of it.

TASTE:  The flavor is exactly like the smell, and has a classic OG kush flavor to it. The heavy lemon diesel hits the taste buds immediately with the earthy pine becoming apparent in the aftertaste. There is also the kush grittiness in the earthy pine that is almost reminiscent of dirt. There is good lung expansion, and the classic kush burn in the sinuses, so expect a couple of chest clearing coughs. The aftertaste is a hefty mixture of the lemon and pine, and is relatively strong. Great tasting cut of OG with a classic OG flavor.

LOOK:  Popcorn nug structure with light green nugs, and darker shaded sugar leaves. The calyxes are relatively swollen with bright orange hairs shooting out of the tips. The trichomes give it a semi-frosty look, as most of the capped trichomes are hidden in between the crevices and under the sugar leaves. It isn't the best looking OG Kush there is, but the trichomes are very attractive. Long stalks with bulbous caps it is a shame that there aren't more caps. 

EFFECTS:  Gradual onset high with relatively heavy indica effects, and a subtle cerebral kick that causes a carefree sensation to overpower the mind. The ever so subtle sativa effects stay at a consistent level without getting too intense. The body high relaxes the muscles, and relieves soreness and pain. It is a nice relaxing high that is good to wind down with after a long day at work. Good for pain relief, stress relief, possibly anxiety, appetite gain, and sleep aid. Good midday to nighttime strain.

OG Kush is one of California's most famous strains, and this particular batch from GSPA is a potent example of it. Its "ocean grown" earthy lemon pine smell, and relaxing carefree high are indicative of its potency. These days there are a lot of watered down, or straight up fake, OG's out there, so it is great to see a potent cut of it again. 












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