Rainbow Mr. Nice (Unknown Genetics)

Ricochet Gallery Collective
Price: $50 per 1/8th

AROMA:  This strain has a sweet flower, almost orchid, like smell to it, couple with a slight "purp" and earthy pine skunk essences. The sweet side of the aroma is the most prominent aspect of it, and the smell becomes pungent once nugs are ground up. The pungency isn't a typical cannabis pungency, as it the flower-like side simply gets stronger. It smells like an extra aromatic version of Mr. Nice, and a good cut at that.

TASTE:  The flavor, much like most strains from Ricochet, is almost identical to the smell, with a sweet "purp" flavor coupled with an earthy pine. The earthiness has a kush-like essence to it, as it is almost "gritty". The smoke was much smoother than expected, considering it's a purple strain, but there also wasn't as much lung expansion as I thought there would be. Regardless of that fact, it's a great tasting strain with a nice smooth smoke.

LOOK:  Popcorn/tear drop nug structure with relatively dense, light green nugs that are surrounded by dark purple sugar leaves. The calyxes are mildly swollen with vibrant orange hairs streaking in every direction. The abundance of trichomes give the nugs a frosty look, with a lot of bulbous caps on the ends of the trichome stalks. As you can see from the pictures the strain is very attractive, and definitely do them justice.

EFFECTS:  Gradual onset high that takes almost 10 minutes to fully kick in, it has a relaxing body high that seems to originate at the back of the neck and shoulders. It slowly spreads to the rest of the body, while applying a slight carefree cerebral sensation in the head. It is an extremely relaxing high that takes over the body without causing any lethargic feelings. The also high stays at a constant level, without any peaks or valleys, and lasts a relatively long time. Its intensity doesn't get too high either, so this strain may do well for those with anxiety. Good for mild pain relief, stress relief (possibly anxiety), appetite gain, and sleep aid in higher doses. Great midday to nighttime strain.

This Rainbow Mr. Nice is a great strain, and one of the better Mr. Nice crosses we've come across. Its attractive look, smell, flavor, and effects are brought together nicely to produce a potent, long lasting strain with good medicinal qualities. Great to see Ricochet's non-Loompa Farms meds having such high quality.












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