Sour Trainwreck (Sour Diesel x Trainwreck)

Herbalife Wellness Center
Price: $45 per 1/8th

AROMA:  The smell of this strain is a bit muted from the nug, and even after being ground up the scent is not that strong. A subtle pine with a sour twist, it also has a hint of lemon to it. In all honesty the scent is extremely subtle, so deep whiffs need to be taken in order to identify the different aspects of it. Although the scent is muted, it still has a pleasant aroma to it.

TASTE:  The flavor of this strain is MUCH better than the smell suggests, as it has a heavy lemon diesel flavor to it with a pine undertone. The thick and creamy smoke puts full flavor on the taste buds, and leaves a heavy pine aftertaste on the tongue and in the sinuses. It almost has a Cheese-like flavor to it with big hits. There is good lung expansion, so it causes a few chest clearing coughs. It is definitely far better tasting than expected.

LOOK:  A combination of the looks from both Sour Diesel and Trainwreck, there are both swollen and flat calyxes along with short & bright orange hairs. It has an almost flat look, but only because of how amber the trichomes are. The structure of the trichs have thick stalks and bulbous caps with the majority of them being amber. Under a scope the trichomes have a ridiculously attractive look, but at the naked eye it appears a bit flat. It is definitely a strain that needs a closer look.
EFFECTS:  Gradual onset high that takes about 10 minutes to fully kick in, the sativa effects that start out with a carefree and cerebral sensation, and end with a relaxing and calming feel. It is a relatively heavy sativa that almost hits like an indica which relaxes the body and mind. The high also levels off at a constant level, and is relatively long lasting. Good for stress relief, anxiety, relaxation, and appetite gain. Good daytime to midday strain.

Sour Trainwreck is a potent strain made from two dynamics and classic strains, Sour Diesel and Trainwreck. This particular batch from HWC, on their $45 shelf top shelf, is a great deal with their membership (and a good one without it). Definitely a potent sativa that does well for relieving stress and relaxation.











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