Strawberry Diesel (S. Cough x Sour Diesel)


Loompa Farms
Ricochet Gallery Collective
Price: $50 per 1/8th

AROMA:  I'm in love with the smell of this strain, as it has the perfect balance between the sweet strawberry-like scent coupled with an earthy pine skunk. It smells like its crosses, but a more pungent version of both than I've seen before. The high level of the strawberry-like smell is amazing, with the Sour Diesel giving it a sour twist. After nugs are ground the smell becomes even more pungent, which was very surprising. GREAT smelling strain, and NEEDS to be checked out by fans of sweet smelling sativas.

TASTE:  The flavor is almost identical to the aroma, with a sweet strawberry-like flavor with an earthy pine skunk. The sweet flavor slightly takes a backseat to the piney skunk, but then comes back with a vengeance in the aftertaste. Surprisingly the sweetness becomes apparent in the sinuses too, which is usually reserved for piney skunk flavors. There is a lot of lung expansion with this strain, so I understand why its nickname is "Lung Candy". It causes a lot of chest clearing coughs, but NOT painful ones whatsoever. It is simply a strain that fully expands the lungs with every hit.

LOOK:  Slightly light green and swollen calyxes almost hide the bright orange hairs on the nugs. The nugs are a bit airy and a bit leafy, so the strain might not be the most attractive depending on your preferences. Considering its Haze roots (Strawberry Cough is Strawberry Fields x Haze), the airy look is not surprising. However one thing that I believe everyone can agree on is how attractive the trichomes are. Thick and long stalks topped with extremely bulbous caps, the nugs have a frosty almost shiny look.

EFFECTS:  A bit of a sativa dominant hybrid (that is heavy), with just enough indica to relax the body, the cerebral effects with this strain are absolutely amazing. There is a moderately time onset, but the high becomes quite intense within about 10 minutes. Light pressure surrounding the eyes coupled with a euphoric and carefree cerebral sensation that put a smile on my face. Lights become brighter, and colors became more vibrant; which, for me, are clear signs of a potent sativa/sativa dominant medication. It is a potent medication, good for mild pain relief, stress relief (possibly anxiety), and appetite gain. Great daytime to midday strain.

Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel... We've seen this strain at other places, but never bothered to get any. It was either on an outdoor shelf, or did not smell anything like what it should have. Ricochet Gallery/Loompa Farms Strawberry Diesel exceeds the level of any we've seen around. Well done unique crosses are our favorites, and this Strawberry Diesel is just that. Two dynamic powerhouse strains created this potent cross, and is hopefully something that will be coming back to RGC!












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