We are not medical professionals. We are, however, lovers of cannabis who have visited hundreds of collectives in our lifetimes. As like-minded patients we came together to start this blog to spread the word on the best ones out there. We review collectives based on location, establishment, staff, and especially the quality of medication. The best collectives, in our humble opinion, are ones that abide by the ideals of compassion while providing quality medicine.

     We are also lovers of quality cannabis. There are too many collectives out there that are not being held accountable for the low quality of their meds, so we strive to provide honest information on the best out there.

     We believe that it is time for patients to have a better avenue for information on their meds, and especially better photos. Our love for cannabis and desire to spread our knowledge will hopefully help as many patients as possible.

Is My Collective the Right One for Me?

If you are lucky enough to live in a medical marijuana state, and have a doctor's recommendation; then you probably have a favorite collective. In the past month we've met a LOT of different patients, and quite a few have asked whether or not their collective of choice was the "right" one. After a lot of thought we came to the realization that the answer is more than a simple yes or no.
The collectives we have reviewed were done so on a relatively limited set of criteria based on our personal opinions. We understand that patients could have completely different experiences than we do, so how could anyone possibly answer this question for someone else? We can't, but the answer isn't the problem...the question is.

It's not really about finding the "right" collective, but finding the right collective for YOU. Everyone has different opinions, so one person's trash could very well be another person's treasure (in terms of both med and collective quality). I could go on with a laundry list of things to look out for, but it really breaks down to a few simple questions to ask yourself: 

1.) Does my collective make me feel safe & comfortable?
2.) Does my collective consistently provide me with meds that fulfill my medicinal needs?
3.) Do I feel as if my collective is truly about my needs, and not their own?  

    If you answered NO to any of these questions then it may be time to find a new home. You should never leave a collective feeling cheated, uncomfortable, unsafe, or unhappy with your meds. It depends on where you are located, but a good amount of CA patients have quite a few different options. A lot of other criteria could, and actually should, be used, but this core premise remains: Collectives are supposed to be here for us, the patients, and not the other way around.   

    We here at CanniCorner have no intention of ever bashing a collective. We're not about that. We're about showcasing collectives, and the meds they carry, that we feel deserve to be in the spotlight...but remember: It's our spotlight. 

    If you have a home collective then we are more than happy for you, and would love to hear about them from you too. However, if you still haven't quite found a collective that you call home, we're here with our humble opinions.

    - One Love from CanniCorner
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